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Install DragonFlyBSD part 2

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At previous post I already show about requirement and installation steps of DragonFly BSD till configure area. In this post I’ll continue with Configuration of system. Lets get start.

DragonFly BSD provide the options via ‘sysinstall’ looks like interface as seen on this picture.


Configure TimeZone

Click on “select timezone” to configure timezone.

I choose NO.


Pick “Asia”


and Jakarta


system will confirm and tell the result.


Next step is configure time. System will read current system watch and deliver it to you. feel free to change it and hit OK when you’re done.


Set Root Password

Pay attention to “note” . Password set here will appear in the install log. Make sure to change it regularly.


Add User

Add user as usual and you can use “wheel” group like you do in FreeBSD.


Configure Network Interface

Same in FreeBSD there is no eth convention but name of interface. em0 is name of intel interface network.


Choose the method between DHCP or manual configuration. I choose the last one.


Enter all required information and hit “configure interface”.


The other option is not in my list so I skip the rest and system will bring you back to first message. Choose “Reboot this Computer”.


System will reboot, generate all required files include entropy for SSH server.


Till this step I have working DragonFly BSD system that ready to use and explore more.

See you in other post  and stay health.