How to Install thedude on Windows 7

Open my access point at home for public use sometime lead me to trouble. Selfish neighbor sometime use it for download huge file and make my surf experience getting worst at that time. I feel I only need to educate them for use the connection wisely. My homework is detect who is using the connection right now. I choose The Dude from Mikrotik to help me find out who is the bad guy 🙂

In this post I’ll describe step by step guide install The Dude for Windows. Lets get start!

1. Download latest version of The Dude by click here.

Save the file to my document or other folder that you like.

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RouterOS 3.14rc1

What’s new in 3.14rc1:

*) updated drivers, some of the changes:
synchronous cards should work in frame relay mode;
SIP connection tracking is more standards conformant;
valid TCP connection packets will not be marked as invalid;
*) mlppp – fixed problem when small packets could not be transmited
while more than 2 links were active;
*) bgp – fixed attribute flags checking;
*) fixed dhcp client – routes were not added back after lease expires
and then is acquired again;
*) fixed handling of multiple identical address-list entries
*) ospf could become unresponsive in some situations, fixed;
*) winbox – fixed problem: when moving multiple items at once,
correct order was not maintained;
*) fixed automatic fan control on RB600;
*) added ipv6 firewall address-list;
*) fixed some bugs in mesh protocol driver;
*) fetch tool – added basic HTTP authentication;
*) 6to4 tunnel – allow to specify remote address;

Click here to download iso file for i386.

Resources for Mikrotik Self Learning

Yesterday I met my friend who work as sysadmin in a ISP, we talk a alot about how things work in ISP.  Specific things I think useful is they use Mikrotik and Cisco.

That conversation lead me to know more about mikrotik and other useful information around Mikrotik.

Basically Mikrotik become widely use in my town, because it’s cheap but powerfull. Suitable for  small to medium company. Even my friend ISP use Mikrotik too.

I try to search internet jungle and list interesting lisk I found :

1. About Mikrotik, from wikipedia

2. Mikrotik Hotspot Advantages/Limitations

3. MikroTik RouterOS — BGP

4. PPPoE Server HOWTO for MikroTik RouterOS 2.9

I’ll update more, rest time 🙂