Dynagen Version 0.10.1 released to fix NM-16ESW bug and Tutorial updates

From Greg blog :

Continuing my quest to avoid a 1.0 release at all costs, here is version 0.10.0. The most important things in this release are support for 1700 platform emulation and WIC modules Chris added in 0.8.0-RC1. The tutorial has gotten a general update, along with documentation for using the new WIC modules. It also now includes a section with an up-to-date hardware reference that details all the models emulated by Dynamips, which adapters are supported and in which slots. Questions regarding these issues are (understandably) common on the forums.

Version 0.10.0:
* Support for the 1700 platform new to Dynamips 0.8.0-RC1. See the tutorial for supported platforms and modules.
* Support for WIC-1T, WIC-2T, and WIC-1ENET. See the tutorial for supported router platforms and usage.
* Support for NM-CIDS and NM-NAM. Note these are just "stubs" (at least as of this version of Dynamips). You can connect to them using "IDS-Sensorx/0 = …" or "Analysis-Modulex/0 = …" but they don’t actually do anything. See the tutorial for platform support.
* FS#154 – added "confreg" command to set the configuration register of router(s) from Dynagen. e.g. "confreg r1 0x2142" followed by "reload r1". Note changes to the config register will not be displayed in a "show ver" until the router is reloaded.
* FS#182 – Second port of PA-C7200-IO-2FE was not usable
* FS#177 – crash on malformed interface entry in net file
* Dynagen now automatically picks a PA-2FE-TX rather than a PA-FE-TX when referencing a FastEthernet on ports 1-6 on a 7200. You can override this to mimic the old behavior with "slotx = PA-FE-TX".
* the vbs file that launches SecureCRT sessions was missing from the Windows installer package
* Changed the state shown with the "list" command for virtual switches from "n/a" to "always on" to avoid confusion.
* Added an up-to-date list of hardware emulated by Dynamips to the tutorial. Thanks to ggee for performing the initial documentation in this post: http://7200emu.hacki.at/viewtopic.php?t=1831

* Accidentally only gave the NM-16ESW 15 interfaces.

Download here

Dynamips 0.2.8-RC1 release – Introduction of Cisco 1700 platform and WICs

From Cris blog :

Hello all,

The 0.2.8-RC1 release is available. It requires a Dynagen upgrade since the hypervisor control protocol has been modified. The new Dynagen release will be published by Greg soon.

New features:

  • Support of the Cisco 1700 platforms, with WIC-1T, WIC-2T and WIC-1ENET cards (as for the 2600, the images need to be uncompressed before use).
  • Support of WIC-1T and WIC-2T for the 2600 (2 WIC slots), 2691, 3725 and 3745 (3 WIC slots) platforms.
  • Support of NM-NAM and NM-CIDS interfaces BUT this not means that you can use them out of the box. It means that you can connect your virtual routers to a VMWare, QEMU, … virtual PC running the NM-CIDS/NM-NAM code. I don’t provide a method to do this, but you can take inspiration here: http://7200emu.hacki.at/viewtopic.php?t=3095. If someone wants to document how to setup this, he/she is welcome.
  • Plugin system (not documented yet) that allows to dynamically load new platforms. It is mainly for coding tests (it avoids to modify the dynamips core with temporary code).

Optimizations / Bug-fixes:

  • New generic card framework to reduce the code specific to each platform (it is transparent to users, and was required for WIC support) ;
  • Fixed JIT compiler for PowerPC and MIPS platforms on MacOS X (stack alignment) ;
  • Fixed JIT compiler for PowerPC on 64-bit Linux platform (incorrect “bctr” instruction) ;
  • Added ISL support for NM-1FE-TX card ;
  • Fixed the Serial cards (NM-4T, PA-4T, PA-8T, PA-POS-OC3, WICs) to handle correctly CRC stuff. Now, you can interconnect them to the virtual Frame-relay switches.

Important note: The use of WIC cards is a bit complicated without Dynagen, so I strongly recommend to use it to mask the gory details.


0.2.8-RC1 binary for Linux x86 platforms

0.2.8-RC1 binary for Linux x86_64 platforms

0.2.8-RC1 binaries for Windows XP and 2000

0.2.8-RC1 source code

NEW TeraTerm 4.53 – so much faster and new features SSH2

UTF-8 TeraTerm Pro with TTSSH2 is enhanced version TeraTerm from TeraTerm 2.3 original version. TeraTerm is open source free software terminal emulator supporting SSH2 and UTF-8 protocol.


2007.8.8 (Ver 4.53)
– added `&h’ parameter to log file name that can convert the host name.
– added a default log directory setting.
added LogDefaultPath entry to teraterm.ini.
added a new edit control on Additional Settings tab.
– added auto start logging setting when a user try to connect.
added LogAutoStart entry to teraterm.ini.
added a new checkbox on Additional Settings tab.
– added the file name filter on the file sending dialog.
added FileSendFilter entry to teraterm.ini.
– changed the behavior of tab at end-of-line. It causes linefeed automatically.
added VTCompatTab entry to teraterm.ini. This entry enables the behavior of the tab code at end-of-line to doing as vt100/xterm. The default is off.
– expanded the maximum number of serial connection to 200.
– added support displaying the port number of TCP and the baud rate of serial port to titlebar.
– added support for Clickable URL to Emacs editor. TeraTerm would ignore \ character as URL composition characters when an end of a line was the character.
– added ‘tolower’ macro command.
– added ‘toupper’ macro command.
– added ‘break’ macro command.
– added an argument to inputbox macro command. New argument is used for default input string.
– added logical operator "&&", "||", "!" and bitwise operator "&", "|", "^", "~" for macro.
– added "Cygterm Here" to a context menu of Explorer. CygTerm can be started from an any directory on Explorer.
added cyglaunch.exe program that was able to start CygTerm without adding `X:\cygwin\bin’ to PATH environment variable.
– changed the owner of HTML help file from TeraTerm instance to Windows desktop.
– changed the macro error does not occur when including the empty macro file.
– added to preserve comment and unknown parameter when saving cygterm.cfg file.
– added to disable the serial port in New Connection dialog when there is no available COM ports.
– Bug fix: eliminated a unnecessary return code every time 1KB logging with the timestamp mode. Special thanks to Gentaro.
– Bug fix: BOF(Buffer Over Flow) problem in ttpmacro.exe program, which 256 byte longer command line parameter is specified.
– Bug fix: BOF(Buffer Over Flow) problem in ttpmacro.exe program when a line of macro is longer than 256 byte.
– added a workaround that ttermpro.exe can not send the server data to ttpmacro.exe with DDE transaction.
– Bug fix: wrong free of memory in var2clipb macro command.
– Bug fix: did not save/load "LF" to CRReceive entry in teraterm.ini.
– Bug fix: TeraTerm window size could not be changed after the window size is smaller than 120 dot(94 dot on XP LUNA style). This is TeraTerm 2.3 original bug.
– Bug fix: statusbox does not display ‘\n’ as LF when the statusbox is existing yet.
– Bug fix: some macros are not become an error when the parameter filename starts by ‘:’.
– Bug fix: the expression like "a < b < c" cannot be evaluated by the macro.
– Bug fix: The control window of ttpmacro.exe would be unresponsive while doing `pause’ macro command.
– added TTX KanjiMenu Plugin 0.1.3(ttxkanjimenu.dll). Special thanks to Sunao HARA.
– upgraded TTSSH version supporting SSH2 to 2.41
– upgraded CygTerm+ to 1.07_13
– upgraded Oniguruma to 5.9.0

Multiple domains login in roundcube webmail

Roundcube is very good solution for webmail. I use squirrelmail for almost 4 years and I like it too.

In production server I install squirrelmail and roundcube as well for give other user different experience 🙂

using mail and mail2 as prefix and multiple domains need special attention in roundcube.

After search in their forum I like this snippet :

 function getDomain() {




    if ($arr[0]==$prefix) { unset($arr[0]); $host=implode(‘.’,$arr); }

    else { $host=”; }

    return $host;


plus this line :

$rcmail_config[‘username_domain’] = getDomain();

 put that in config/main.inc.php

for my case where I use mail and mail2 just edit the line :

if ($arr[0]==$prefix) { unset($arr[0]); $host=implode(‘.’,$arr); }


if ($arr[0]==$prefix or $arr[0]==’mail2′) {

unset($arr[0]); $host=implode(‘.’,$arr);


 Working  well for me 🙂

VirtualBox 1.5 work well with FreeBSD 6.2

Recent VirtualBox (version 1.5) work well with FreeBSD 6.2

  • Windows XP SP2 as host
  • Smooth installation
  • 2 GB HD
  • 2 Ethernet card ( dhcp work well and internal too)

Great release, will try this Vbox version for PCBSD 1.4RC 🙂


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