NEW TeraTerm 4.53 – so much faster and new features SSH2

UTF-8 TeraTerm Pro with TTSSH2 is enhanced version TeraTerm from TeraTerm 2.3 original version. TeraTerm is open source free software terminal emulator supporting SSH2 and UTF-8 protocol.


2007.8.8 (Ver 4.53)
– added `&h’ parameter to log file name that can convert the host name.
– added a default log directory setting.
added LogDefaultPath entry to teraterm.ini.
added a new edit control on Additional Settings tab.
– added auto start logging setting when a user try to connect.
added LogAutoStart entry to teraterm.ini.
added a new checkbox on Additional Settings tab.
– added the file name filter on the file sending dialog.
added FileSendFilter entry to teraterm.ini.
– changed the behavior of tab at end-of-line. It causes linefeed automatically.
added VTCompatTab entry to teraterm.ini. This entry enables the behavior of the tab code at end-of-line to doing as vt100/xterm. The default is off.
– expanded the maximum number of serial connection to 200.
– added support displaying the port number of TCP and the baud rate of serial port to titlebar.
– added support for Clickable URL to Emacs editor. TeraTerm would ignore \ character as URL composition characters when an end of a line was the character.
– added ‘tolower’ macro command.
– added ‘toupper’ macro command.
– added ‘break’ macro command.
– added an argument to inputbox macro command. New argument is used for default input string.
– added logical operator "&&", "||", "!" and bitwise operator "&", "|", "^", "~" for macro.
– added "Cygterm Here" to a context menu of Explorer. CygTerm can be started from an any directory on Explorer.
added cyglaunch.exe program that was able to start CygTerm without adding `X:\cygwin\bin’ to PATH environment variable.
– changed the owner of HTML help file from TeraTerm instance to Windows desktop.
– changed the macro error does not occur when including the empty macro file.
– added to preserve comment and unknown parameter when saving cygterm.cfg file.
– added to disable the serial port in New Connection dialog when there is no available COM ports.
– Bug fix: eliminated a unnecessary return code every time 1KB logging with the timestamp mode. Special thanks to Gentaro.
– Bug fix: BOF(Buffer Over Flow) problem in ttpmacro.exe program, which 256 byte longer command line parameter is specified.
– Bug fix: BOF(Buffer Over Flow) problem in ttpmacro.exe program when a line of macro is longer than 256 byte.
– added a workaround that ttermpro.exe can not send the server data to ttpmacro.exe with DDE transaction.
– Bug fix: wrong free of memory in var2clipb macro command.
– Bug fix: did not save/load "LF" to CRReceive entry in teraterm.ini.
– Bug fix: TeraTerm window size could not be changed after the window size is smaller than 120 dot(94 dot on XP LUNA style). This is TeraTerm 2.3 original bug.
– Bug fix: statusbox does not display ‘\n’ as LF when the statusbox is existing yet.
– Bug fix: some macros are not become an error when the parameter filename starts by ‘:’.
– Bug fix: the expression like "a < b < c" cannot be evaluated by the macro.
– Bug fix: The control window of ttpmacro.exe would be unresponsive while doing `pause’ macro command.
– added TTX KanjiMenu Plugin 0.1.3(ttxkanjimenu.dll). Special thanks to Sunao HARA.
– upgraded TTSSH version supporting SSH2 to 2.41
– upgraded CygTerm+ to 1.07_13
– upgraded Oniguruma to 5.9.0

Multiple domains login in roundcube webmail

Roundcube is very good solution for webmail. I use squirrelmail for almost 4 years and I like it too.

In production server I install squirrelmail and roundcube as well for give other user different experience 🙂

using mail and mail2 as prefix and multiple domains need special attention in roundcube.

After search in their forum I like this snippet :

 function getDomain() {




    if ($arr[0]==$prefix) { unset($arr[0]); $host=implode(‘.’,$arr); }

    else { $host=”; }

    return $host;


plus this line :

$rcmail_config[‘username_domain’] = getDomain();

 put that in config/

for my case where I use mail and mail2 just edit the line :

if ($arr[0]==$prefix) { unset($arr[0]); $host=implode(‘.’,$arr); }


if ($arr[0]==$prefix or $arr[0]==’mail2′) {

unset($arr[0]); $host=implode(‘.’,$arr);


 Working  well for me 🙂

VirtualBox 1.5 work well with FreeBSD 6.2

Recent VirtualBox (version 1.5) work well with FreeBSD 6.2

  • Windows XP SP2 as host
  • Smooth installation
  • 2 GB HD
  • 2 Ethernet card ( dhcp work well and internal too)

Great release, will try this Vbox version for PCBSD 1.4RC 🙂


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date.timezone in php.ini for php5

My last post about glitch in time related function for php5 I use a function date_default_timezone_set

For global setting as always use date.timezone in php.ini

just change from :

;date.timezone =Asia/Jakarta

uncomment it first by remove semicolon mark into this :

date.timezone =Asia/Jakarta

save php.ini files and restart apache

try view using phpinfo()

you’re done 🙂

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date_default_timezone_set for php5 date() fixation

Recent upgrade to php5 in appserv make me confuse when my friend ask me about this code :

print date(‘d-M-Y H:i:s’);

hour isn’t accurate

after googling I found about date_default_timezone_set

for full list of supported zone time see this link

edit  the code into

date_default_timezone_set( "Asia/Jakarta" );

// date.timezone = "timezone_here"

print date(‘d-M-Y H:i:s’);

work well 🙂

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