nginx proxy and wordpress multi user

WordPress multi user get a for serving blog experince to our student.

The architecture is :

Firewall -> FreeBSD Box -> Jail Box

A lot of jails (around 14) put inside FreeBSD Box to server student with different purpose. One of them is for wordpress muti user.

# jls

JID  IP Address      Hostname                      Path
14           /data2/jails/blogcom
13             /data2/jails/db
12           /data2/jails/demoint
11        /data2/jails/outside
10           /data/jails/mailserver
9        /data2/jails/sandbox
8           /data2/jails/blog
7          /data2/jails/demo2
6      /data/jails/palembang
5          /data/jails/jambi
4          /data/jails/lahat
3     /data/jails/prabumulih
2        /data/jails/linggau
1       /data/jails/baturaja

To establish connection to jail box I use this rules in nginx.conf :

For serving * for end user.

server {
listen 80;
location / {
proxy_set_header Host $host;

I use nginx :

# pkg_info | grep nginx
nginx-devel-0.7.41  Robust and small WWW server

Great, I love nginx 🙂

Make Virtual Host in Engine X (nginx)

Since last time I install php-fpm in my freebsd box I still looking way to make virtualhost. I think its not easy to make vhost in nginx but I’m wrong 🙂

Just add :

server {



will add new vhost.

Full sample from my vhost :

server {
        listen          80;

        location / {
            index index.php index.html;
            root  /usr/local/www/nginx/sandbox;
            location ~ \.php$ {
           fastcgi_index   index.php;
          fastcgi_param     SCRIPT_FILENAME
           include      fastcgi_params;


another feature that I learn too is ‘autoindex’ since my friend need to list all files and directory if no index files exists.

For more fancy index I need to recompile it with fancyindex but I’m OK with it 🙂

Full sample of nginx.conf for two vhost with autouindex on and off can be download from here.

101 nginx tutorial and articles

I’m bit lazy to read manual and prefer to read it as a case. Nginx is my favourite now, by collecting related tutorial, blog posting and articles I hope I can learn nginx more.

Links I found so far :

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More links will be add.

Last Update : May 14 2009