iphone 6 case collection

My friend show me his new phone. Its iphone 6 unlocked with dimension 4.7 inch and he seem very proud. I just a bit surprise since I knew he is big fan of Android and have many gadget related such Galaxy note and samsung galaxy tab. He told me that he want to impress someone.

He want me to help him for collecting as many iphone6 case design or ready to buy iphone 6 case since he want to make surprise for someone. I agree to and try to collect it in general form. Perhaps I also need it in the future since my Lenovo S800 seem to not working well now.

I don’t know about someone that my friend talking about. His girlfriend or his family member or his working partners so I try to list my best guess. Too many case is never hurt 🙂

4 things that could potentially harm your iphone 6 :

1. Dimension; old iphone version is never went to far for dimension. Newest iphone 6 plus reach 5 inch dimension that might lead to few problems. Bigger dimension mean bigger pocket and flexible storage,restrict movement and mobility. Potential harm that might occur; drop and surface scratch if other strong material exist in your pocket.

2. Environment, interactions with the environment such as dust or water that might happen like sudden exposure to water such as rain or splashing water from a party that is not planned to be anticipated from the beginning.

3. Drop, dropping a phone is another human mistake. We never unintended but often occur. Drop into solid ground often result to visual damage and drop into water lead to total damage.

4. Scratch, many factor that lead to scratch to your iphone. Choose wrong surface cover or case material.

Those potential problems are my basic assumption for creating this list, to get exact product that fit your expectation need more review since every one has their own pass list. I do my best to gather helpful link for you before make final decision.

Protection based case for Iphone 6


My friend like to visit beach, swimming pool and related water source. I think best option to protect his iphone 6 from water is waterproof iphone 6 case. A few things to consider for this kind of case are :

  • Headphone, make sure to pay attention for things that able to keep you headphone. Did the design also came with keeper to make headphone stay attached or you have to keep it manually.
  • Touch id, make sure to read other user experience. Some case is working well with water but sacrifice functionality such touch id, not responsive touch screen and force you to press hard.
  • Material, plastic is great but other manufacturer use Aluminum.
  • Ability to access all phone functionality.
  • Proper series, brand like otterbox have a few series. Choose the series that many people use.


The natural location of phone is pocket for many case. At least once in lifetime every person drops their phone. Shockproof protection is basic need for me. Apple might change the material they choose for iphone 6 but customer can prevent it from unknown disaster after unexpected drops. Urban Armor Gear is great product. They create sleek interface that warranted for 12 month and received 4++ rating in average from Amazon customer.

All in one protection iphone 6 case

Some manufacturer also develop many protection for their case. Waterproof, water resist, dust proof, shockproof in one product. Many of them under $40 with the range of $15-$36. I’m practical person, I tend to seek other experience. When I have to choose for example waterproof case for iphone 6 then I prefer to use 4++ rating and if possible rated more than 100 person.

Branded iphone 6 case

Griffin survivor  iphone 6 case

During my search, I found about brand that seem to focus on meet or exceed standard of US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810G. Passion is great when it has target. I think other brand also have their own standard but If you can deliver military standard with great price then you are in good path. Griffin also know as brand that often released earlier then their competitor.


Another famous brand that get rating 4++ in average for most of their product series. Temporarily out of stock status in their storefront for some series also make curious to read the reviews. Specially when I see more than 600 users give their voice.

Custom iphone 6 case

Custom iphone 6 case often designed for specific purpose like gift. A few manufactures provide many design submitted by ordinary person that sometime has deep expression. Ability to give small but meaningful touch often work well many situation like; personal name printed in your iphone 6 case.

As the technology always changing I’ll update this post if I found something new that appropriate. More with customer review since their voice is loud and reflect the product in real world use.

Weekend Links : php and slackware

It is a dangerous cycle, and one that needs to be broken. The PHP developer community has decided that it is indeed now time to move forward, together. Therefore, the listed software projects have all agreed that effective February 5th, 2008, any new feature releases will have a minimum version requirement of at least PHP 5.2.0. Furthermore, the listed web hosts have agreed that effective February 5th, 2008, they will include PHP 5.2 (or a more recent version) in their service offer.

  • Need slackware12 iso for DVD or CD, click here for mirror list.

My Metacafe video

I almost forgot that I have account in metcafe.com, a place to publish your video, like youtube.com but with extra hit from powerfull  member community.

Today, I just check my email  in google apps then see a few notification of new comment in my video. Wow, I found fantastic hit in one of my video.
I just reliazed that one of the video I upload got big hit ( for me ) since I never intend to do so 🙂 .

Title effect?

Sure, I think it’s exposure is  good thing.

“People judge the book by the cover”

100% agree

My metacafe video that gain big hit

Leonardo da vinci curriculum vitae

leonardo-da-vinci.jpgI’m in a hurry when I heard little story about Leonardo da Vinci curriculum vitae, being curious I do some research and wikipedia gave good result :

Leonardo’s Letter to Ludovico the Moor

Most illustrious Lord, Having now sufficiently considered the specimens of all those who proclaim themselves skilled contrivers of instruments of war, and that the invention and operation of the said instruments are nothing different to those in common use: I shall endeavour, without prejudice to any one else, to explain myself to your Excellency showing your Lordship my secrets, and then offering them to your best pleasure and approbation to work with effect at opportune moments as well as all those things which, in part, shall be briefly noted below. Continue reading

Livehttpheaders, give me more info please

Download file from internet is fun, it’s make software distribution easy, hassle free for me 🙂

The problem come when our download manager not working as expected, cookie, session etc that validate downloading process force me many times to do old fashion way for download .

After reading blog ( I forgot the link ) , I get software name for helping me to get file from sun.com or oracle.com that require authentification before download allowed.


This software is plugin for firefox

Installation process same as other plugin for firefox

Try login to yahoo mail

See http headers