Centminmod, letsencrypt and Cloudflare DNS API

Just quick note for myself for add new domain within cloudflare . I got trouble with ‘ordinary’ add domain via option 2 in centminmod menu.

After search for manual and forum post I can implement https using letsencrypt follow direction from this link.

1. Edit custom_config.inc

This file located in :


2. Add more data inside this file


For CF_Account_ID you can get from overview section.

For CF_Token you can click ‘Get your API token’ link, make sure set ‘Read and Edit’ for Zone. Let other option as is and click ‘Continue to Summary’ followed by ‘Create Token’ button.

Copy both value to your custom_config.inc

2. Run this command


3. Add domain as usual and choose letsencrypt


4. Make sure to choose ‘Full’ at SSL/TLS section at cloudflare