First thing I want to try on CentOS 5.5 is mariadb. Fortunately mariadb available in binary for CentOS and don’t force me to install from source like I do with FreeBSD since its not available yet on FreeBSD ports. I’m going to install mariadb 5.23 and make it as learning media 🙂 Here the steps […]

New mariadb 5.2.3 version already out. I just curious on how to upgrade mariadb since I just installed it 3 days ago 🙂 From montyprogram : MariaDB 5.2.3 is a Stable release. In general this means there are no known serious bugs and we believe the code is ready for general usage. Here’s upgrade process […]

Recent discussion around mysql license and its future lead me to mariadb. From Wikipedia “MariaDB is a community-developed branch of the MySQL database, the impetus being the community maintenance of its free status under GPL, as opposed to any uncertainty of MySQL license status under its current ownership by Oracle. The intent also being to […]