UpCloud review : another FreeBSD supported VPS

My friend ask me to try upcloud and want me to recap my review in pictures as usual. Well, after use his referrall link (I got free $25 in credit plus $10 in deposit to lift trial limitation) I’m ready to go 🙂

My observation for upcloud


#1 Easy to use interface

I have no problem in using their UI. Separation important feature are well organized (ssh key, initialization scripts).

#2 Fast Server

I use freebsd ports to compile a stack (famp) and seem to work well. I think they use newer hardware that accelerate well.

#Backup system

smooth daily backup, very important for me.

#3 Many europe zone

I just realize if Helsinki exist.

#4 Good internal IP

I’ve just found out that internal ip is work for my limited vpn stuff.

#5 Timezone

It will eliminate the step for change date during post install process.

#6 Reverse DNS name

Handy for dns related configuration.

#7 FreeBSD support

Yes, the OS available under OS Template -> CDROM

FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE amd64 Installation CD



#1 No Paypal

My bad, looks like it supported now 🙂

#2 no OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD and NetBSD support

I hope they can add those OS on CDROM collection or just enable custom CDROM like vultr did.

#3 No reinstall option

I hope they can add this feature soon

#4 No block or storage support

I hope they will add ‘space’ or block like DigitalOcean.

#5 No TFA login

Add more security for us please.

Overall its good service and with Nokia spirit I hope they can grow bigger like others so we can get more reliable provider in the future.

If you want to try upcloud then you can use my referrall link and get free $25.