Video Tutorial

During learning session I use vmware and camtasia to record video, If you think these video are useful consider donate using button below.

Here’s the lists of downloadable video :

  1. Modify iso file with winiso (modify windows xp file to add other software)
  2. Install FreebSD 4.11
  3. Install dynamips using dynagen
  4. Install FTP server in windows XP
  5. Install wordpress in localhost
  6. Install Argosoft mail server for testing mail() function in windows
  7. Install FreebSD 5.5
  8. Install FreebSD 6.2
  9. Install FreebSD 7.0
  10. Install Pfsense 1.2.1Beta
  11. See pfsense web front end
  12. Running vmdk freebsd 4,5 and 6 in VirtualBox

Perhaps in the future I’ll be making a video tutorial on how to setup php and mysql hosting on vps.

New Video :

1. Install FreeBSD 7 Stable :

Watch – Download

2. Install FreeBSD 8 Current inside FreeBSD 7

Watch – Download

3. Install FreeBSD 6.3 stable inside FreeBSD 7

Watch – Download