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Faster browsing with MaraDNS

DNS, playing big part in internet . When it’s not work or behaves ugly nothing you got than famous message ” Can’t resolve hostname ” or ” Unable to find IP address of …. ”

I used to use my freebsd dns server or Linux dns server in the office but when it come to travel time and your ISP DNS not working then I need a solution for my windows XP.


With maradns we can make our surfing activity faster since resolver ask for server that reside in our computer.

Here’s my quick and dirty way:
1. Download maradns(windows version) here

2. Extract the file and move it to C folder , or you may rename the folder to “maradns”
Now you have C:\maradns

3. Go to maradns folder then double click file run_maradns.bat, don’t close the windows

4. Edit your tcp ip setting , put on ”preferred dns server”

5. Good job, you may continue to surf