Step by step guide to get your own email in google apps

My friend in USA ask me how to get email from google apps.

I pointing him to my post at, since the post using Indonesia language then he ask me again to repost in English language.

Taken from wikipedia :

Google Apps is a service from Google for using custom domain names with several Google products. It features several known Web applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Page Creator, and Docs & Spreadsheets.

I try to write down my step to make up, by following the steps at the end I get :

1. Free hosting at google ( 100 MB )

2. My own email ( user @ ), each account get 2 GB space

Here’s  the steps :

1.Sign up for google account

Fill all required information, confirmation page will be displayed apps1.png

Check my email and open email confirmation from google


Activate my account by click provided link




2. Verification step success, followed by signup for google apps by click this banner:



Fill in all related information

apps6.png apps7.png

Domain creation in progress


Create administrator account


3. My domain successfully join google apps, time to add services apps10.png

I just add domain and email, the rest can be added later


for accessibility purpose, I add CNAME record



Click “I’ve completed these steps” button, do the same for email


Updating service, can be less or more days, depend on dns setting

After all service up and dns propagation success I try to send email from other email account, here’s my new email box at google apps


no need to worry about spam and downtime, I believe in google server 🙂