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Installing dragonflyBSD 1.8.1

From wikipedia DragonflyBSD is :

DragonFly BSD is a free, Unix-like operating system which was forked from FreeBSD 4.8. Matt Dillon, a long-time FreeBSD and Amiga developer, started work on DragonFly BSD in June 2003 and announced it on the FreeBSD mailing lists on July 16, 2003 [1].

Dillon started DragonFly in the belief that the methods and techniques being adopted for threading and SMP in FreeBSD 5 would lead to a poorly performing system that would be very difficult to maintain. He sought to correct these suspected problems within the FreeBSD project. Due to ongoing conflicts with other FreeBSD developers over the implementation of his ideas, and other reasons, his ability to directly change the FreeBSD code was eventually revoked. Despite this, the DragonFly BSD and FreeBSD projects still work together contributing bug fixes, driver updates and other system improvements to each other.

Intended to be “the logical continuation of the FreeBSD 4.x series”, DragonFly is being developed in an entirely different direction from FreeBSD 5, including a new Light Weight Kernel Threads (LWKT) implementation and a light weight ports/messaging system. Many concepts planned for DragonFly were inspired by AmigaOS.

FreeBSD 4.11 and it’s ports no longer supported but I have old hardware for production software so I decide to learn dflyBSD, to see how installation process looks like, I make simple video using vmware 6. Once I familiar with the process, I’ll deploy it the server.

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