Step by step add search in google reader using greasemonkey and google gears

Google Reader Gears Search, I forgot found that post today in either digg or stumbleupon 🙂

Generally this script will add search function in google reader, google reader not add search function (yet) into application. But with google gears application I’m sure that facility will come.

Since I always found good post always get burried I use manual method, try to remember and visit the blog and doing manual search before bookmark the address.

Since this script will help me to solve the problem I try to install Greasemonkey in Firefox then try the greasemonkey script.

I think many other people don’t know this feature so I make it in screenshot mode 🙂

1. Install greasemonkey plugin for Firefox from here

Checking after restart Firefox

 2. Download greasemonkey script here , click the link to download

3. Choose Install


4. After script installed successfully, I check for ‘manage user scripts’

5. Reload my google reader. Wow, search facility 🙂

7. Try to find post related to ZFS, fast and good result.

Cool, I love this greasemonkey script 🙂