Resources for Mikrotik Self Learning

Yesterday I met my friend who work as sysadmin in a ISP, we talk a alot about how things work in ISP.  Specific things I think useful is they use Mikrotik and Cisco.

That conversation lead me to know more about mikrotik and other useful information around Mikrotik.

Basically Mikrotik become widely use in my town, because it’s cheap but powerfull. Suitable for  small to medium company. Even my friend ISP use Mikrotik too.

I try to search internet jungle and list interesting lisk I found :

1. About Mikrotik, from wikipedia

2. Mikrotik Hotspot Advantages/Limitations

3. MikroTik RouterOS — BGP

4. PPPoE Server HOWTO for MikroTik RouterOS 2.9

I’ll update more, rest time 🙂