Running Vmware Disk in VirtualBox 1.4.0

My Vmware 6 trial is over but I already install FreeBSD 4,5,6 and 7 using it. After have some spare time to test VirtualBox 1.4.0 power ( able running vmdk) I give it a chance.

Generally what I do is adding each disk to disk manager and run that disk.

Here’s the steps :

1. Open VirtualBox and push CTRL+D or click  File -> Virtual Disk Manager

2. Click Add

3. Select a hard disk image file, then click Open

4. I add FreeBSD 4.11 disk

5. Repeat adding disk for FreeBSD 4,5 and 6

6. Click New to start New machine, wizard will open

7. Type the name "FreeBSD 4.11" and choose OS Type FreeBSD

8. Define memory, virtualbox will suggest memory size for You

9. Virtual HD

10. Select Disk from availabe disk (drop down menu) click Next

11. Click Next

12. Finish

13. Click Start

14. Disable message and click OK

15. Click Next

16. Click Cancel

Machine should up

I made video version of  this page, click here to see.