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Migrating email accomplished (postfix+mysql+dovecot)

Fiuh, finally migrating email task is clear.

Almost 3500++ email account from vmailmgr based system moved to postfix with mysql backend and dovecot support.

thanks to Bendiken script that convert things magically 🙂

Generally the steps are :

1. Rsync email to new server

2. Change to dovecot style with migration script, make it in looping.

Just combined with little script like this :


ls /email/ | while read u1;

do /home/rasyid/tools/ "/email/$u1/" ;


write in one line and chmod +x to make it executeable.

3. Change ownership of email folder to postfix and symlink it to real place.


I’ve try roundcube mail and working fine for me. But since more user complain about some feature that not working well (perhaps browser issue) I change webmail back to squirrelmail 😉

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