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Maia-mailguard, user powered mail spam blocker

"Help, my mail inbox still full of spam, you said that you already set a spam blocker in mail server?"

My friend ask me about his mailbox 🙂

My bad, I don’t socialize how to use maia-mailguard for email user.

Maybe, some of you already know that too but don’t know what to do to minimize spam in your inbox with maia-mailguard.

It’s just quick way to set your preference and dissappointing mail spammer 🙂

1. Login to your maia-mailguard, the address provided by sysadmin.

Username is your current email address.

Password is your current email password.


2. Make sure to set ‘Current protection level" to high. Click Change Level after pick preference.

3. In cache contents, a few things to consider are :

  • non-spam cache
  • spam cache
  • virus cache
  • banned-file cache
  • bad-header cache

4. Each cache ‘classification’ is important, the most part that we deal a lot is non-spam cache and spam cache. Click "Report/Confirm" link to train maia-mailguard filter to identify and report.

5. Always start from unconfirmed non-spam, choose mail status according your needs.

6. Next, move to spam cache. Do the same for all messages.

7. As you see, in the bottom ‘small’ statistic regard to maia-mailguard activity.

Maia-mailguard work best with help of human. With good cooperation of email user, accuracy of maia-mailguard in my box in level 98-99%.

I’m happy with maia-mailguard work.