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Download Manager for Linux

My wife ask me what application she can use for download file from internet. She just install Ubuntu. I used to use wget but I think it’s not the right time for her to touch command line 🙂

After searching on internet I pick one D4X.

Here’s my steps for installing download manager (D4x) in Ubuntu Dekstop 8.04 :

1. Login ke sistem

2. Click System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

3. Fill your password.

4. If successfully, You’ll enter ‘Synaptic Package Manager’. Click on Search then type ‘d4x’.

5. Tick on S column.

Pop up will appear to confirm ‘Mark for Installation’. Click that message to confirm.

6. Dependency will show up. Just accept that by click ‘Mark’ button.

7. Press button ‘Apply’ to start installation process.

8. Installation process will start. At the end new menu on Internet category will appear.

‘Downloader for X’.

9. Click ‘Downloader for X’ will bring you to th application interface.

My wife try this application and she like it 🙂

Installation process in video format can be download from here.