Install wordpress theme and Install Plugin easily with WP Easy Uploader

This wordpress plugin is very time saving for daily life of blogging.

WP Easy Uploader

Yes, this wp plugin can do more than install theme and plugin but for the sake of spread the word I make little expalanation on how to install wp theme and wp plugin using wp easy uploader . This steps taken after plugin succesfully installed.

Install wordpress theme

1. Find url of your fav wordpress theme

for example i use : Word Press’d

2. Click ‘Manage’ -> Upload Files

See this picture :

On ‘Upload File’, put url of theme and choose ‘Theme’. Followed by click ‘Upload’ button.

Once success process, confirmation message displayed like this picture :

Install WordPress Plugin

1. Find url of wp plugin, for example I use :

WordPress automatic upgrade

2. Click Manage -> Upload Files

See this picture :

Choose Plugin and click ‘Upload’ button.

If upload process work you’ll see success message.

Just simple as that. We can reduce Download and FTP-ing process .

Good work 😉