How to transfer haloscan comment into wordpress self hosting

My wife like blogspot a lot until slowly she found more feature offered by wordpress, one of them is ‘future posting’ . After think alot she decide to move from blogspot to wordpress self hosting.

The problem came when I must deal with haloscan, luckly I found 2 resources that help me to import haloscan comment into wordpress table.

In general the process are :

1. Signup for free blog at

2. Use import feature from blogspot to

Click Authorize

Follow all the rest steps.

3. After all post from blogger successfully transfered to your blog you may continue to   use export feature  from

Click Export

Click ‘Download Export File’ and save to computer.

4. Install wordpress in localhost, refer to this post.

5. Import WXR file from step 3 to your local wordpress .

6. Install wp plugin called ‘wp-get-blogger-post-ids’ from here and activate the plugin.

Goto Manage > Get Blogger postIDs

Fill all requested information regarding your blogspot blog.

7. Download from here, python script to export haloscan into xml file.

Make sure to this script in your host :


Enter your haloscan username and password.

8. Download xml file generated from step 7.

Prepare file named data.php

This data.php file actually xml file downloaded saved as php file, sample of wrapping :

$xmlstr = <<<XML
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″?>

<email>[email protected]</email>
<time>2008-09-01 11:18:27</time>
<text><![CDATA[pinjem men kamu sudah nontonnyo!

next data……………………………..

at the end of data

<email>[email protected]</email>
<time>2006-06-12 13:37:58</time>
<text><![CDATA[hehehe..tes comment]]></text>

9. Run this script.

Make sure to modify mysql database name, username and password.

If everything OK you can see your local wordpress filed with comment from haloscan.

10. Dump database from local wordpress and send it to your hosting account as sql file.

11. Import sql file to your self hosting wordpress and see your in recincarnation 🙂

Disclaimer : I don’t guarante if this technique always work as many factor might change due to time change.