Step by step Install Ubuntu Server 9.10

Step by step guide install Ubuntu Server 9.10 :

1. Download latest iso file or request free ubuntu CD from shipit.

2. Insert CD on CDROM/DVDROM.

3. Make sure to boot from CD/DVDROM

Choose “install ubuntu server”


4. Choose Language

Language chosen in this step will be work in the future use.

5. Choose Country

6. Detect Keyboard Layout

7. Configuring network (choose DHCP or set it manually)


8. Enter Hostname

Enter your name, institution name,your dog etc to Hostname.

9. Select time zone.

Don’t worry if you pick default value as you can change it later.

10. Partition Disk

Choose “Guided-use entire disk”


11. Set up and passwords

Enter your password and password

Don’t forget ‘not to encrypt your homedirectory’.

12. Configure Package Manager

Enter proxy information

Pick ‘no automatic updates’ in select and install software.


13. Software Selection


Select DNS Server, LAMP Server, OpenSSH Server.

During LAMP installation you must enter mysql password but if you forgot you can reset  mysql password.

14. Follow the rest of steps that automatically perform by Ubuntu Installation.


Reboot your server and don’t forget to remove the CD .