Git for Windows : Installation

As new standard introduced by management we start using private git using self hosted gitlab .  Digitalocean give free $10 credit that allow us to use the server and feel the ‘taste’ of collaboration using git.

Due to varied operating system we use I decide to write installation steps for Windows user.

Get latest msysgit

Click here for latest version of msysgit


Installation steps

Double click installer file. Click Nextgit2

Click Next after read license


Let it as if but if you want to use other folder feel free to click Browse button.


Select components

I choose windows explorer integration. I use two of them (git bash dan git gui).

Click Next


Start Menu Folder. let it as is.

Click Next


Git Setup

I choose second option. “use git from the windows command prompt”

Click Next.


Configuring the line ending conversions

I use “checkout windows-style, commit unix-style line endings”. Click Next.


Installer will process all chosen option and will display this view.


Git for windows successfully installed. Open the program to create / generate ssh key.

Generate SSH key

Help -> Show SSH Key -> Generate Key


Then Click “Copy to Clipboard”

Done. The steps is straightforward but as others still ask for the option I decide to share mine.