I just knew if FreeBSD 10 use Clang by default last time I try to compile HHVM on FreeBSD 10. Since I know nothing about this stuff I prefer to look back for older version when necessary. Quite surprise for me that FreeBSD have their collection since version 1.

I only have 32 machine so I rather stay with it and love this folder. Due to vps provider policy I slowly move to 64 bit to make sure everything went fine. So 64 bit version of old FreeBSD also in my list.

For long time ago I use provider such rootbsd for testing experiment purpose but now I have much easier way to accomplish my hobby. Vultr provide me access to that old version even only for 64 bit architecture.

I can go back to see how FreeBSD looks like when version 5.1 released or step back to 9.2 to implement pkg.

What a beautiful world 🙂