Apricity OS : Disappointing Me

My Peppermint OS 5 seem to let me behind with latest trend. Even I can install Sigil but it’s not latest one because of LTS stuff (yes, Sigil requires Qt >= 5.4 available in Ubuntu 15.10). I also can not introduce Krita for my daughter (its installed but crash). Obviously a lot of fun things I got with Peppermint OS 5 like setting brightness, set Team viewer 10 for remote my wife laptop. Use Xampp for Phalcon PHP backup. Learn Corona SDK a bit before switch to Ionic.

While latest Ubuntu will be out this April I actually will ignore it till 2019  but I can’t 🙂 . This LTS (Xenial  Xerus) hard to refuse but I need it to follow latest trend). During waiting period I think I’ll use Elementary OS. I download and play with it  and I love it until my friend came and told me about his arch linux box. I already knew that name from long time ago while I still working with FreeBSD server but I have no idea until I see it myself.

Apricity OS

Being afraid of new challenge that I might see with arch linux I decide to look for beginner friendly distro that use arch linux as basis. Manjaro, Antergos are nice but I see other one called Apricity OS. Its GUI approach is really good and force me to end my waiting period for Ubuntu LTS after test it 2 days with virtualbox.

Installation Problem that might occur

As I will install new OS that I never use then I prepare my mental with these error type  :

  1. Wifi not detect automatically
  2. Brightness setting each time start my laptop
  3. Huge download update
  4. Blank screen (this one from my virtualbox experience)

Installation of Apricity OS

After download and burn Apricity OS beta (March) DVD and dedicate my weekend with unexpected error plus RJ45 cable I’m very disappointed.


Installation process is smooth, my broadcom wifi automatically detected. Brightnesss setting stay forever without manual adust. Update download around 600+ MB with latest kernel (4.5) installed. No blank screen like I see with virtualbox. My RJ45 cable is no use.


Apricity OS available in 64 bit that make wife sad because she want it on her Lenovo 32 bit netbook.

Post Installation of Apricity OS


I add and remove a few stuff from my Apricity OS box :

  1. Remove libreoffice
  2. Remove steam (I don’t play game)
  3. Install Krita -> sudo pacman -S calligra-krita
  4. Install sigil -> sudo pacman -S sigil
  5. Install gitkraken -> yaourt -S gitkraken
  6. Install visual studio code  1.0 for linux -> yaourt -S visual-studio-code
  7. Install shutter -> sudo pacman -S shutter
  8. Install vlc -> sudo pacman -S vlc
  9. Install kazam -> yaourt -S kazam
  10. Install guvcview -> sudo pacman -S guvcview
  11. Install openshot -> sudo pacman -S openshot
  12. Install brasero -> sudo pacman -S brasero
  13. Install gparted -> sudo pacman -S gparted
  14. Install virtualbox -> sudo pacman -S virtualbox
  15. Install firefox -> sudo pacman -S firefox
  16. Install Opera -> sudo pacman -S opera
  17. Install Springseed -> yaourt -S springseed
  18. Install simplenote -> yaourt -S simplenote-electron-bin
  19. Install guake -> sudo pacman -S guake

Install Teamviewer

Teamviewer depend on lib32-libpng12

yaourt -S lib32-libpng12

then install teamviewer

yaourt -S teamviewer

Install WPS Office

Depend on your /tmp partition. I have to adjust it before continue install wps-office.

sudo mount -o remount,size=16G /tmp

follow with wps office install :

yaourt -S wps-office

Note on install

Pacman and yaourt are best friends. 1st priority install always use pacman but when the package not exist yet then yaourt came for rescue.

My friend use pacman to install guake but its not work so the workaround for this case is uninstall then reinstall using yaourt.

sudo pacman -Rns guake

yaourt -S guake

Update :

  • How to install android studio 2, click here.
  • To upgrade yaourt based installation package :

yaourt -Syyua

Note on startup problems

Bluetooth timeout

Just remove it from systemd

sudo systemctl disable bluetooth.service