Diff database structure with sqlyog

When requirement for information stored in database grow, old table structure need to adjust for flexibility.

Common task to do in  normal cycle :

1. Build new application in other place

2. Synchronize database ( tables)

3. Upload application.

Second step ( synchronize tables) often  painful when a lot of changes made at home and need to sync with server environment.

A handy tool to sync database table I often use is sqlyog.

For example I have two database :

db1 (at server)

db2 (at home)

table structure has changed.

In db1, table testing has this fields :

CREATE TABLE `testing` (
`id` tinyint(3) NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `name` varchar(15) NOT NULL default '',
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)
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Step by step install wamp in windows xp

With recent progress of php5 campaign and minimum windows xp deployment I think I should upgrade my appserv to wampserver mode.

Wampserver can use dual php mode, php5 by default with php4 as addon.

Latest release :

WAMP5 1.7.2 with PHP 5.2.3 and MySQL 5.0.41

PHP4.4.7 ADD-ON for WAMP5 1.7.2

Latest release can be download here

I download WAMP5 1.7.2 with addon php4

Here’s the the installation steps :

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Weekend Links : php and slackware

It is a dangerous cycle, and one that needs to be broken. The PHP developer community has decided that it is indeed now time to move forward, together. Therefore, the listed software projects have all agreed that effective February 5th, 2008, any new feature releases will have a minimum version requirement of at least PHP 5.2.0. Furthermore, the listed web hosts have agreed that effective February 5th, 2008, they will include PHP 5.2 (or a more recent version) in their service offer.

  • Need slackware12 iso for DVD or CD, click here for mirror list.