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It is a dangerous cycle, and one that needs to be broken. The PHP developer community has decided that it is indeed now time to move forward, together. Therefore, the listed software projects have all agreed that effective February 5th, 2008, any new feature releases will have a minimum version requirement of at least PHP 5.2.0. Furthermore, the listed web hosts have agreed that effective February 5th, 2008, they will include PHP 5.2 (or a more recent version) in their service offer.

  • Need slackware12 iso for DVD or CD, click here for mirror list.

Location for download slackware 12 iso

[phpbay]nokia ,2[/phpbay]

Slackware 12 already out, ready to serve (ups thats FreeBSD tag 🙂 )

While waiting for all mirror get iso file, I just try to visit a few mirror for iso file support from listing directory of mirror

A few mirror offer CD and DVD iso linux

Here the lists :

Link related :

Viva Slackware 12!

Tips : use -c option to resume your wget download and choose belnet first for fast and stable download.

If you know other mirror put CD or DVD iso let me know and I’ll update the list.

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Modify Server Banner with mod_security

Apache/2.2.4 (Win32) PHP/5.2.1




Yes, my friend like to collect what server that run with specific domain.

Such online tools exist in internet like :



Using these tools, server can be "guest" but how accurate this information and whats this information for?

just for fun, nothing else 🙂

I just try mod_security within freebsd box to modify it’s banner which result :

"Solaris 10"

for apache 1.37 I run

Steps :

1. Install mod_security

kongja# whereis mod_security
mod_security: /usr/ports/www/mod_security
kongja# cd /usr/ports/www/mod_security
kongja# make install

2. Edit httpd.conf

Make sure this line exist :

LoadModule security_module    libexec/apache/mod_security.so

3. Activate mod_security by adding these lines in httpd.conf to modify the banner

SecFilterEngine On

SecServerSignature "Solaris 10"

4. Restart apache server and finish

Check  again using netcraft or untroubled

Change Solaris 10 to other, like GWS/2.1 ( google engine? hehehehe) or girlfriend name 🙂




Zend Framework 1.0.0 Production Release

Wow, many framework for PHP get mature and stable. One of them is Zend Framework, already reach 1.0.0 version

Unfortunately I still stick with PHP4 not ready yet for PHP5 since Zend Framework only for PHP5.

Maybe this framework will ‘force’ me to use PHP5 in production (not in cgi style hehehehe)

From Zend Framework site :


This is the first production release of Zend Framework.

Many thanks to the scores of PHP developers who have worked for many months to make this product milestone possible. Zend Framework has followed a mission to provide classes that are extremely simple, yet powerful and extensible. Zend Framework is now the best class library available for PHP 5 web application development.

The Zend Framework project has developed solutions to solve frequent needs of web application developers, including the following areas:

  • Powerful MVC framework
  • Database access solution that balances ORM with efficiency and simplicity
  • Lucene-compatible search engine
  • Advanced I18N support
  • Robust authentication/authorization classes and input filtering
  • Many other useful classes to make you as productive as possible
  • Thorough and high-quality test suites and documentation
  • Open-source development process with an active community provides continuous review and testing

The Zend Framework is the best PHP 5 framework to meet modern business needs, being licensed under the New BSD license. The Contributor License Agreement assures that all code has been provided freely.

Zend Framework is already in use in dozens of applications, so it is proven to be production-ready."

Download Zend Framework 1.0.0

By the way, if you wanna try framework that support PHP4 and PHP5 you’ll consider using CodeIgniter


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