one of my client wanna install prestashops. They want register globals off and session autostart setting to off. Those setting only applied to their store only, not affect whole setting. Because I have setting to httpd.conf I just add two lines : <VirtualHost > ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot /home/clientname/public_html/store ServerName php_flag register_globals off php_value […]

My friend got suprised when he see login page on phpmyadmin. It’s not usual form for login as he used to login for. Well, another postfixadmin admin page also show login page. He ask  me to list all tutorial around .htaccess to show for his learning study. Like I did in Cisco Lab Topology, Cisco […]

New server arrive, HP proliant ML 350 G4 P . With four SCSI HD. ready to replace our old email server 🙂 Just a problem that arise with heatsink that prompt message " 1610 temperature violation detected " sighhh… wait more than 5 minutes for cold the machine has no impact. A few result from […]

Apache/2.2.4 (Win32) PHP/5.2.1 Microsoft-IIS/6.0 Apache GWS/2.1 Yes, my friend like to collect what server that run with specific domain. Such online tools exist in internet like : Netcraft Untroubled Using these tools, server can be "guest" but how accurate this information and whats this information for? just for fun, nothing else 🙂 I just try […]

Sigh… I hate Since a lot of router or access point built in ip configured for by default Same ip make ipconflict and make my day ruined Message for other newbie don’t use as ip for your server use other ip like : or it’s safer from get it […]