Modify Server Banner with mod_security

Apache/2.2.4 (Win32) PHP/5.2.1




Yes, my friend like to collect what server that run with specific domain.

Such online tools exist in internet like :



Using these tools, server can be "guest" but how accurate this information and whats this information for?

just for fun, nothing else 🙂

I just try mod_security within freebsd box to modify it’s banner which result :

"Solaris 10"

for apache 1.37 I run

Steps :

1. Install mod_security

kongja# whereis mod_security
mod_security: /usr/ports/www/mod_security
kongja# cd /usr/ports/www/mod_security
kongja# make install

2. Edit httpd.conf

Make sure this line exist :

LoadModule security_module    libexec/apache/

3. Activate mod_security by adding these lines in httpd.conf to modify the banner

SecFilterEngine On

SecServerSignature "Solaris 10"

4. Restart apache server and finish

Check  again using netcraft or untroubled

Change Solaris 10 to other, like GWS/2.1 ( google engine? hehehehe) or girlfriend name 🙂