In my last post I have introduce about Agrosoft mail server (AMS) . Since this day isn’t end yet, I’ll start by word “Lets continue today lesson” 🙂 I start by opening MS-Frontpage then make simple form mail which generate HTML code for me and I save it as contact.htm Code in send_mail.php : <?php […]

Soon or later every people who learn php will meet PHP lovely function for sending email mail() Unfortunately many beginner who install only PHP, MYSQL and Apache in windows don’t know how to test their email script like contact form, mailing list etc. Today, I’ll show how to install mail server software available in internet […]

I just realized that today is November 1 and a few big thing release : Openbsd 4.0 is out Freebsd 6.2 reach it’s Beta3 Pfsense 1.01 out Code Igniter release new update ( very active development ) My Freebsd 6.1 need upgrade and so my openbsd box ( 3.7) I still new in CI […]

A few student in my class ask me how to change default address for testing php script from http://localhost or into some real name like or while they offline at home and no internet connection availabe at home . After googling for /etc/hosts equivalent finaly I got the answer, still related name […]