Testing mail() function with agrosoft mail server 2

In my last post I have introduce about Agrosoft mail server (AMS) . Since this day isn’t end yet, I’ll start by word “Lets continue today lesson” 🙂

I start by opening MS-Frontpage then make simple form mail which generate HTML code for me and I save it as contact.htm

Code in send_mail.php :


mail(“alamster@localhost”,”Form Mail”,”$message”,”From: tes@localhost”);

echo “Got your message ! Thank You very much “;


Save both file in htdocs or www directory.

Call it from browser :


Ups, I forgot adding two account in AMS , here’s how :

Click AMS icon on the tray then hit CTRL+U

Click on Add New User Icon to add New User

Click Ok after finishing entry user information.

We must tell system about our domain too, type CTRL+O and click Local Domains tab to add “localhost” as our domain.

Now, back to contact page, fill the data and hit submit button.

Login to AMS webmail client , by typing http://localhost:8083

Enter username “alamster” and password “123456”

Click Form Mail subject to see the message

Congratulation !

Your first mail script working well , no need to upload to hosting company or connection to internet .

If you want other illustration click here for video.