Testing mail() function with agrosoft mail server …

Soon or later every people who learn php will meet PHP lovely function for sending email mail()

Unfortunately many beginner who install only PHP, MYSQL and Apache in windows don’t know how to test their email script like contact form, mailing list etc.

Today, I’ll show how to install mail server software available in internet called Argosoft Mail Server.

Pre requirement :

– Working WAMP application ( I use XAMPP Lite Portable)

Ok, now go to Argosoft website and download Mail Server ( Choose Freeware)

Important Argosoft Mail Server ( AMS ) feature that we need:

1. POP3 server

POP3 server responsible for retrieving email from server

2. Built-in web server with webmail

We need to check our script result

Step by step :

Install exe file by double click

Click setup

Click Install tab to begin installation process

Start running your mail server

Just double click AMS icon in desktop to start this application

New instance of AMS will start and reside on tray

To make sure no service conflict , click the AMS icon on the tray to find out

As you see there is error message “address already in use”, by default web server will use port 80

We do have apache running in that port , click CTRL + O to configure new port for AMS web server. (choose PORTS tab)

Change Web Interface port from 80 to anything you want , I already have port 8080 for Oracle port so I choose 8083

Exit from AMS and start again

Now web server run on port 8083

Try open from browser :


If You see this page it means your job is finish, You have working mail server plus webmail .

Next time I’ll continue on adding new user and testing script for mail() function.

See You

Update : part II is compelete, also with video.