Change Role In Groove 2007

By default workspace created by manager in groove 2007 will set partcipant  role. My friend complain about his workspace, why his worspace come into playing chess area. One of person he invited add that tools in the workspace.

After dig for help (F1)

Solution is simple, just change the role to guest :

1. Right click on a username


2. I took Hanz for example, choose Role

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Resources for Mikrotik Self Learning

Yesterday I met my friend who work as sysadmin in a ISP, we talk a alot about how things work in ISP.  Specific things I think useful is they use Mikrotik and Cisco.

That conversation lead me to know more about mikrotik and other useful information around Mikrotik.

Basically Mikrotik become widely use in my town, because it’s cheap but powerfull. Suitable for  small to medium company. Even my friend ISP use Mikrotik too.

I try to search internet jungle and list interesting lisk I found :

1. About Mikrotik, from wikipedia

2. Mikrotik Hotspot Advantages/Limitations

3. MikroTik RouterOS — BGP

4. PPPoE Server HOWTO for MikroTik RouterOS 2.9

I’ll update more, rest time 🙂




Import Groove account in other computer

We have meeting session, while waiting for boss arrive we have to set all required stuff including presentation. Not much, only setting groove. Since we all already have our groove account then we must use our account in other computer located in meeting room.

Can I use my existing groove account in other computer? ( my senior ask)

Sure, but after making preparation first.

Step taken to use groove account in other computer :

1. Click File -> click "Use Account on another Computer"

2. Click OK or choose other place by click Browse

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disable php function in vhost or multiple user environment

Providing php access to many user require patience plus security aware.

People can damage server with some php function like system, passthru etc.

php provide php.ini file, this file needed to disable some dangerous function.

some option for disable php function are :

system, exec, shell_exec, passthru, set_time_limit, error_log, ini_alter, dl, pfsockopen, openlog, syslog, readlink, symlink, link, leak, fsockopen, popen, escapeshellcmd, apache_child_terminate apache_get_modules, apache_get_version, apache_getenv, apache_note,apache_setenv,virtual

after get this information php must know about these fucntion by editing php.ini files. This file located in C:\windows (in my win xp)

Double click to open, click edit -> find enter  "disable_function"

Before edit, the line will like this

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rthanks, wp-plugin for say thanks

In last few days after testing stumbleupon effect I see very good result, almost everyday stats log get visitor from stumbleupon. Other socialbookmark like digg also included, netscape etc.

Google analytics also give interesting result, direct access very small while two other source come into major contributor :

  • Search Engines
  • Referring sites

I also see some question about how to increase rss subscriber :

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