My netbook died because of screen problem and I have to get new one. During pre buying session I see one of sales girl explain about computer processor fluently. She explain about specification, core speed, family etc and make me wondering how she learn that. I ask her and she told me about CPU-Z. I […]

I’m old fashion student who use phpcoder as tool for coding php until my friend suggest aptana editor with php support. When everything configured properly I’ll have php interpreter for immediate debug purpose and I think it’s suitable for new php user 🙂 I decide to give this software a try and here it goes. […]

I’ve spend my time more in reading google reader, plurk or check email. I’m not so sure how much time I spent for that activity. Rescue time will help me to find that 🙂 Here’s step by step installation process of rescue time in windows xp : 1. Go to signup page for personal account […]

Yes, I just realized that things when I got decreased speed of my download. From 32k to 1k. I think its normal situation since I never see that before. But my download almost over. After thinking a while I think I must change my identification agent as browser. To do that I click Download properties. […]

How dual booting looks like? + It show 2 options, windows and other OS I don’t have partition magic, do you have recommendation? + Use parted, partition magic alike interface I have Windows XP with space 8 GB, I’ll shrink the partition to 4 GB, the rest for Linux preparation. How to do that? Here […]