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How to find out information about your Computer Processor

My netbook died because of screen problem and I have to get new one. During pre buying session I see one of sales girl explain about computer processor fluently. She explain about specification, core speed, family etc and make me wondering how she learn that. I ask her and she told me about CPU-Z.

I decide to install the software on my Windows 7 after download latest version from cnet.

Save to my document and run the installer.

Click Next.

I accept the agrement and click Next.

Select destination location and click Next.

Select start menu folder and click Next.

create desktop icon and click next.

The setup gather all required information and display current settings.

click Install.

Install process will start to work, copy and setting eveything till finished.

Click Finish.

How to use CPU-Z to learn about your computer

Click CPU-Z from start menu.

Wait for while.

Wow, impressive result. CPU-Z display the information in 6 important tab:

  1. CPU
  2. Caches
  3. Mainboard
  4. Memory
  5. SPD
  6. Graphics

Yay, socket 437 FCBGA8 . I can join technical discussion around my netbook with this tool. Make me an computer expert in quick 🙂