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Import Groove account in other computer

We have meeting session, while waiting for boss arrive we have to set all required stuff including presentation. Not much, only setting groove. Since we all already have our groove account then we must use our account in other computer located in meeting room.

Can I use my existing groove account in other computer? ( my senior ask)

Sure, but after making preparation first.

Step taken to use groove account in other computer :

1. Click File -> click "Use Account on another Computer"

2. Click OK or choose other place by click Browse

3. processing

4. Account For Alamster in my desktop

5. now, I try to use that account, right click on groove icon on the tray, choose "New Account"

6. Pick "Use a Groove account you have already created"

7. Choose "Add My Account"

8. Choose "Add My Account"

9. Browse for file

10. Encounter error message since I try this on the same computer 🙂