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Disposable email : hated by spammer, loved by everyone

Hide my real email address

Hide my real email address

I feel ugly when my friend ask me which disposable email provider I use often.

For step by step guide for using this service you may refer to this post.

Using temporer email address to fight spam

Looking to uncle google for help, I get definition from wikipedia and list of disposable email providers, here the lists :

  • Mailinator, give widget too.
  • MyTrashMail, you the boss. signup option also available.
  • GuerillaMail, my fav at first sight, they  lets you generate a temporary email which expires in a time of 15 minutes
  • SpamHole , 2 hours email address.
  • SpamBox , you set the lifespan of your mail adress.
  • SpamFree24, 24 hours ready to serve.
  • 10MinuteMail , the name say it, only 10 minutes.
  • MailExpire, give option for choose between 12 hours or 3 months expiry email address. If your provider seem strict with email πŸ™‚
  • TemporaryInbox
  • MailEater, eat your mail πŸ™‚
  • Jetable, forward option to real email available
  • KasMail, choose around 25 @ address
  • SpamMotel, you can use it with your outlook or other desktop email client.
  • GreenSloth, 1 week lifespan.
  • AnonInbox, simple as the name.
  • DontReg is one bigger, better, faster and safer temporary email inbox solution
  • TempoMail
  • TempEmail, fast and secure.
  • PookMail, if you like email in multi language.
  • mintemail, 4 hours email address.
  • Bugmenot, bypass compulsory registration.
  • TempInbox, available in many language.
  • SpamGourmet, free disposable email addresses, strong spam blocker, short learning curve, need registration.
  • dodgeit
  • nobulk, offers anonymous email accounts.
  • spamavert, autocreated address.
  • 2Prong, easy disposable email.
  • spaml
  • emailmiser, create address you want.
  • spamify, 15 minutes address lifespan.
  • Cosmorph, Free Disposable Email Address, Create it, use it, abandon it, repeat as necessary. 2 GB space per adress.

Last Update : November 11 2014.

Have other provider, let me know and I’ll update the lists.

Cool service πŸ™‚

Next time my friend ask me I already have the answer πŸ˜‰