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Partition Magic alike : Gparted

How dual booting looks like?

+ It show 2 options, windows and other OS

I don’t have partition magic, do you have recommendation?

+ Use parted, partition magic alike interface

I have Windows XP with space 8 GB, I’ll shrink the partition to 4 GB, the rest for Linux preparation. How to do that?

Here the steps :

1. Burn gparted iso into CD.

2. Boot your computer

3. Gparted ready to use :

Click ‘Resize/Move’ to start resize partition

Drag your mouse to the left and watch ‘New Size’ and ‘Free Space Following’ change with number. New Size is your Windows partition after resize operation finish and Free Space is ‘new’ partition that ready to use (install new os, make backup partition etc).

Hit ‘Resize/Move’ button to start resizing.

Follow by make new partition type, ‘ext3’ for linux.

Click add.

Click ‘apply’ to start resizing.

Windows partition has 4 GB and Linux partition has 4GB.

Reboot your computer and see windows size at the moment.

Click here for download full video process.