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Add Password Protect in MS Word 2007 Document

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This is just tiny result after I got the training :

How to add password protection in ms word 2007?

My honey ask me that question. Sigh.. I don’t know that feature since I rare use that 🙂

After make simple ms word 2007 document I make new experimen but still not luck 🙂

Suddenly F1 button come to my mind and after enter “password” phrase, asking for help I rewrite the answer in screenshots mode :

1. Save your document, choose apropriate mode ( I choose compatible mode)

2. Set file name, click ‘Tools’ button

3. Choose “General Options”

4. Enter password, be carefull first password for “encryption” and second password for “sharing options”, I enter same password

5. Confirmation pop up, choose No

6. Now, I try to open the file by double clicking

7. I try to enter wrong password 🙂

8. After enter correct password, I got another password pop up. This time it’s password to modify. If you forget ‘second password’ you made earlier you can pick “Read only”.

Done 😉

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