Dynagen – interim 0.11.0 build for win xp and linux

From Dynagen website, a few enhancement in Dynagen in progress as a result of merge the confDynagen codebase into Dynagen like :

  1. dynamic reconfiguration
  2. Pemu server support (aka PIX emulation)

with a lot of major improvement and bugs handling.

To play with this version, you can download here.

Pavel.Skovajsa also write some tutorials :

Thanks for all great job guys 🙂

Configure Vlan on Vmware and Dynamips : step by step

From mmliac in hacki forum :

I have tested trunking between two 3660 with NM-16ESW and it works fine.
Connected 3 Wmware computers on each side in 2 different vlans.
Vlan information is being transferred from the VTP server to the VTP client.

I am using Vmware Workstation 5.0 and Dynamips is running on the host computer

Heres step by step configure vlan on vmware and dynamips :

Start by configuring new virtual interfaces in Vmware.

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