Install Bind in ClarkConnect 4 as dns resolver

I used to use djbdns in every situation I have, so far I use it in FreeBSD and Ubuntu server 8.0.4 LTS I always try to install djbdns as first option for dns stuff.

Yesterday I met situation where clarkconnect 4.2 installed as internet gateway in internet cafe, the owner choose clarkconnect as internet gateway for it’s easy of deployment and maintenance.

The problem is dns, current ISP dns seem to work strangely. He ask me to give solution for it. After think for while I decide to learn installing djbdns in clarkconnect but due to time limit I choose to install bind 🙂

Bind Installation process in Clarkconnect I did :

1. See machine and kernel info

[[email protected] init.d]# uname -a
Linux netcafe.net1 #1 SMP Wed Feb 27 18:26:42 EST 2008 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

2. Update and upgrade
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