Using temporer email address to fight spam

Giving email address to anyone isn’t wise specially when U use that email address for daily activity, work and your mailing list. Its OK to give our email to other provider as long we know their credibility that they won’t share or sell our email address.

Many people seem use interesting content for trapping innocent people and fill their mailbox with spam, ‘download porn movie‘, ‘download free software‘, ‘download mp3 song‘, ‘get free sms‘, ‘make money from internet‘ and such offers make us give up and tend to close our well known email address.

A few email ask me about how to use list of disposable email that I use in previous post. To share this simple guide I decide to write it 🙂

I’ll use mailinator as provider in this case :

1. Get your email address

Visit the web by clicking this link.

Everytime we visit maillinator we’ll get random email address like the one I pointing with blue arrow.

This time I get this email adress : [email protected]

2. Sending test email

I try to send test email to this adress using my gmail account

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