Maintain small network where you only dealing with 3 or 4 computer plus a few (around 4 laptop that use wireless connection) machines is simple. Just plug the ADSL modem and turn on dhcp with default setting but when happy problem came (grow bigger to thousand computer)  then its no more room for playing 🙂 […]

I hate spam and more when they know my real email address. But I need solution to stop them. Currently I use Google Apps service which use the same engine as gmail minus a few feature. First step I use is using ‘Report Spam’ that available in each email display. This solution is not help […]

Vmware 2.0 released. Some features of Vmwware 2.0 : VI Web Access: VI Web Access enables you to perform host and virtual machine configuration on VMware Server 2.0. This intuitive web-based interface provides a simple and flexible tool for virtual machine management. VMware Remote Console: VMware Remote Console enables you to interact with the guest […]

Giving email address to anyone isn’t wise specially when U use that email address for daily activity, work and your mailing list. Its OK to give our email to other provider as long we know their credibility that they won’t share or sell our email address. Many people seem use interesting content for trapping innocent […]