Hackintosh compatible laptops, will my laptop work?

My friend visit me yesterday after long time. He came with Macbook Pro and ask about a few unix command that he think I knew . In fact I never touch Mac OS system but I realized its not far from FreeBSD when we talk about terminal đŸ™‚

He told me that he decide to buy a Mac after struggle with hackintosh and due to lack of knowledge he admit that the process is not easy and he gave up. He want to document the process but he don’t have time. His brother seem attracted with the challenge and will continue the journey.

Apple OS X not allowed installed on non Apple hardware . For software license agreement click here.

I see it as challenge too and I prefer to collect all required information as part of preparation for Windows OS user and  Laptop with intensive use.

Mental Preparation

Quick googling give me a fact that the process is not easy. Many people try to install it with great hope. Everything will be smooth and easy as Windows OS installation (only Next and choose Yes). In fact even after successful installation you’ll get another problem with wifi, touchpad and many more.

If you have working system using El Capitan then no need to rush for upgrade to Sierra unless you have strong reason ( Its a common to see too if something working well with Windows 7 not work with Windows 8 or Windows 10).

Time Preparation

Install fresh operating system (Windows or Linux Desktop) is easier for single OS. If you want dual booting system its more difficult since you need to learn about booting process (BIOS, UEFI etc). Time and patient needed also increased more for non familiar OS such Mac OS X.

If you busy then you will need to do it in free time and non stressful moment like weekend.

Hardware Preparation

Laptop is not same as PC where you can design it as you want. One component that I think I will need is 2nd hard drive for the following reasons :

  • my existing 750 GB hard drive almost full with os iso files (various linux distro).
  • SSD getting cheaper now. Adding HDD Caddy to replace Optical drive (CDROM) is perfect option.
  • I can use Optical Drive as external using sata optical drive usb cable.
  • I can experiment with hackintosh with this 2nd drive . When its fail I can retry it anytime without worry.

Knowing Laptop Specification

Know my laptop specification is the essential part. If I get stuck I can get help by supplying the information. Continue reading

cat 6

Maintain small network where you only dealing with 3 or 4 computer plus a few (around 4 laptop that use wireless connection) machines is simple. Just plug the ADSL modem and turn on dhcp with default setting but when happy problem came (grow bigger to thousand computer)  then its no more room for playing đŸ™‚

Yes, most of past problem is came with cable. Good network design without good network cable is like building sandbox. Looks strong but weak inside. Last week we have a job to see a hospital network built by someone that heavily use network cable here and there. You can drying clothes with the cable due to the way they pull the cord.

After look around for almost an hour we came with conclusion, mainly judge old cable they use. We give them online reference too (related to price and youtube videos). Some of them listed here :

Use different colour

By using different colour you can easily identify which cable work as backbone and which cable work as branch, channeled to the client.

Blue cable for backbone and other for client.

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