Horray, FreeBSD 10 is out and ready to serve as usual 🙂 .  After getting iso file for i386 I quickly set Virtualbox using memory 512MB and space 20GB plus setting ethernet as Bridge. Fire up start button bring me to installation screen. Major release always excite me and I try to document installation process […]

I used to access server via ssh after first time installation of an server and since I use ‘common’ IP then I get famous message. Get rid of that message : $ ssh-keygen -f “/home/alamsyah/.ssh/known_hosts” -R /home/alamsyah/.ssh/known_hosts updated. Original contents retained as /home/alamsyah/.ssh/known_hosts.old Then I try ssh $ ssh [email protected] The authenticity of host […]

At previous post I already show about requirement and installation steps of DragonFly BSD till configure area. In this post I’ll continue with Configuration of system. Lets get start. DragonFly BSD provide the options via ‘sysinstall’ looks like interface as seen on this picture. Configure TimeZone Click on “select timezone” to configure timezone.

Since first release I always want to try how DragonFlyBSD work. DragonFlyBSD that I call DFLYBSD is FreeBSD 4.8 version that evolved into new operating system with their own filesystem called HammerFS but of course UFS still supported. I have spare time and want to install latest version (in time of writing I download version […]

Today I want to try to install Varnish on FreeBSD. A few scenarios  on my mind. Install varnish with nginx, lighttpd or cherokee with different port under Apache as front end. Due to lack of experience with Varnish I’ll start with Varnish using Apache first. Others will follow 🙂 Lets get started Check Apache installation […]