Free Blog on Your Own Domain with Free Email Hosting Part 3

In part 1 I wrote about how to set dns at domain registrar and register for account in

In part 2 I wrote about pointing blogspot with my domain.

In this part, I’ll describe step taken to make has it’s own email hosted in google apps.

The only requirement to follow this step is have an account in google.

Refer to this post about google account.

Lets begin 🙂

1. Signup for google apps

blog1.PNG blog2.PNG blog3.PNG

2. Domain successfully created, pick username for administrator blog4.PNG

Click "Add it now" at Email section.

blog5.PNG blog6.PNG

3. Adding email account Click Dashboard link to add new email account.

blog9.PNG blog10.PNG blog11.PNG

4. Activate email for


Write down this information for setting mx record.


5. Change dns setting in, login and manage service for Click link to get start blog16.PNG

Before add mx record make sure to "Disable forwarding" for email. blog17.PNG

Now, add mx record infomation


Dont forget dot (.) after COM or your email will not work.

Click Update to add, repeat this step for all mx data .

6. All required steps are complete.

Wait for dns change before try to test send email to newly created account ([email protected]).

At next post I’ll write summary and clean up some issue around misconfiguration 🙂

Thank you google.