Damn, this CentOS 7 minimal installation has taken my whole day. The last thing I want to try is dns server. Since I’ve working standard dns that use maradns under CentOS 5.10 then I’m going to try the steps here. Using CentOS 7. # yum install gcc wget # gcc -v Using built-in specs. COLLECT_GCC=gcc […]

I used to use Bind as dns server. The server itself is not for complex task such master or slave dns server. Only for authoritative and local dns cache (optional). As I love copy and paste I often post my experience here at least for my future reference in case I have problem. Today, my […]

DNS take important part in internet world as resolver for domain. The problem came when we think something wrong with it. Need to examine which server is in trouble. From this picture : There is two dns servers : In windows we can check which dns server that work well using nslookup. Steps […]

Recent surf activity sent me to interesting website, OpenDNS What is OpenDNS? OpenDNS helps you navigate the Internet in a safer, faster, smarter and more reliable way. Our service is free and requires nothing to download. OpenDNS doesn’t replace your existing Internet connection, it just makes it better. Important useful things for me (taken from […]

In part 1 I wrote about how to set dns at domain registrar and register for account in mydomain.com In part 2 I wrote about pointing blogspot with my domain. In this part, I’ll describe step taken to make rasyid.info has it’s own email hosted in google apps. The only requirement to follow this step […]