Free, secure and smart dns with OpenDNS

Recent surf activity sent me to interesting website, OpenDNS

What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS helps you navigate the Internet in a safer, faster, smarter and more reliable way. Our service is free and requires nothing to download. OpenDNS doesn’t replace your existing Internet connection, it just makes it better.

Important useful things for me (taken from their FAQ) :

Why is OpenDNS safer than what I’m using now for DNS?

OpenDNS intercepts phishing attempts. OpenDNS customers will be warned if they attempt to visit a phishing site.

Why is OpenDNS faster than other DNS services?

Two things make OpenDNS faster than similar services. First, OpenDNS runs a really big, smart cache, so every OpenDNS user benefits from the activities of the broader OpenDNS user base. Second, OpenDNS runs a high-performance network which is geographically distributed (see network map) and serviced by several redundant connections. OpenDNS responds to your query from the nearest location. That means we’re very fast (and extremely reliable, to boot).

Why is OpenDNS smarter?

We fix typos in the URLs you enter whenever we can. For example, if you’re using OpenDNS craigslist.og will lead directly to

When you try to go to a website that won’t load, instead of a browser error we show you OpenDNS Guide and help you get to where you want to go.

Does using OpenDNS cost me money?

No. OpenDNS is free to use.

How does OpenDNS make money?

OpenDNS makes money by offering clearly labeled advertisements alongside organic search results when the domain entered is not valid and not a typo we can fix. OpenDNS will provide additional services on top of its enhanced DNS service, and some of them may cost money. Speedy, reliable DNS will always be free.

Who are you?

Our network is distributed around the globe, but our team is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. More details…
Cool, enough for me 🙂

I make OpenDNS account first before configure more options.
What this account for ?

I can add IP for my home connection and my office network.

Click here to sign up

Confirm account

Checking Email and click provided link to activate my account.


Click ‘Set up OpenDNS’

I use proxy with public ip address

When I try to add other IP, I get warning and email confirmation sent to make sure I use that IP.


Email from OPenDNS regard other IP I recently added.

I change proxy connection 🙂

Yes, OpenDNS read Public IP

Now, add as preferred dns server and as alternate dns server.

try open

Hoho, I need to change it directy at squid configuration.

Recheck the address 🙂


Time to update my cachedns at server to communicate with OpenDNS, from FAQ:

How do I configure dnscache to forward queries to OpenDNS?

1. Create a non-empty file named /etc/dnscache/env/FORWARDONLY.
2. Replace the contents of /etc/dnscache/root/servers/@ with the OpenDNS servers, one per line:

3. Restart dnscache.

svc -t  /var/services/dnscache

Configuration in OpenDNS side :


right side

Left side, having account in OpenDNS I can  block some domains 🙂

For example

Domain successfully added to blocklist; will take effect in 5 minutes.