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Linux Distro, Choose DVD or CD?

Many distro nowadays give alternative media for installation, like newest release of Centos
4.5 available in DVD and CD. The other side, VectorLinux 5.6 soho come with CD option. I
just remember when I must install Redhat 9 that require 3 cds, my friend forgot to return
the last cd, make my installation process never complete. Mandrake (now mandriva) has option to skip package that not available. What a convenient why, at that time I just thinking about iso file for DVD for following reason:

  • No more interruptible installation process.
  • Full package for home user who has slow internet connection or not even have it. Like DVD repository in ubuntu.

Of course it’s the matter of choice, puppylinux or damn small linux already small in thebeginning, special for business card or usb flash disk.

With time progress, price for DVD writer and DVD disc become cheaper.



For full taste of flavor, use DVD otherwise use CD 🙂