Another server came and the requirement still same. PHP 5.2.17 is a must. I only have 2 options from the vendor; using ubuntu or freebsd. Its 2013 and all support for php 5.2 on ubuntu server already gone. I have one option left for this job. FreeBSD. Since my last work with FreeBSD I also […]

I’m programmer and not designer. That is my main reason to use css framework. To speed up development, specially in early development phase. Feature change and so on, no need to get polished and clean interface. Just simple but logic presentation. Bootstrap come to rescue and since version 3 the documentation is lack and force […]

Long time no update on this blog. Feeling sad but also get blessed in same time 🙂 My old netbook get retired due to battery and screen problem. Windows license attached to my machine also useless on that case. I need to work and decide to get old friend help. Ubuntu desktop. Yes, I also […]

A client want me to convert their application that use MS Access 2003 to web based application using php and mysql. I agree to do so and this post is just for myself future reference when I have to deal with other MS Access 2003 application. Open MS Access 2003 in design mode double click […]

Your Zimbra Network License expired 24 days ago 🙂 Yes, that message show up when I log in to one of my client and they ask me to renew the license. Well, the process itself isn’t difficult as what you need to extend zimbra license just ask sales at they will email license key […]