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New Ubuntu Desktop Checklist

Long time no update on this blog. Feeling sad but also get blessed in same time 🙂

My old netbook get retired due to battery and screen problem. Windows license attached to my machine also useless on that case. I need to work and decide to get old friend help. Ubuntu desktop. Yes, I also use Ubuntu but for server only when FreeBSD not accepted by client. I need to setup my new environment quickly and make document for future reference.

I use Ubuntu 13.04 with these software :

  1. VirtualBox; I need this software for experiment purpose. Try new OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD folks. I hope I can create more post 🙂
  2. gphpedit; notepad++ replacement . Sublime text is another option but I think its enough at the moment.
  3. Shutter; screenshot tool also need to documentation.
  4. Blue Griffon; wysiwyg html editor. I need it for quick html.
  5. Xampp; apache, mysql and php installer.

Beside the software I need to learn shortcut too. CTRL+ALT+T is my friend for terminal access 🙂